Friday, September 16, 2005

AIGA Design Conference (2005) - Maeda's Open Studio

"...simplifying the basic tools for digtial expression will lead to a new creative economy."
- John Maeda

I had the opportunity to meet with John Maeda of MIT who announced a new project from his research team entitled Open Studio today. Described as an experiment in creativity, collaboration, and capitalism, Open Studio is designed to simplify tools for the creative process and provide a pseudo-currency model for tool use and object sharing. The MIT Media Lab showcase area at the conference is actively demoing the tool and environment and providing 100 Burak Dollars (virtual Open Studio currency) to conference particpants. While you're at the MIT station, check out some other must-see ideas that have been realized by various Lab-affiliated teams. Although the Open Studio environment is in its infancy, the concepts of distributed creativity and a shared and user-centric platform for creation is clearly expressed. I'm curious to see how this takes shape and hear the dialog that it generates.

The Open Studio project is scheduled for public release in October 2005.


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